Life of Adventure Travel was founded in 2020 by Susie Walden.  Susie and her family have been cruising for over 34 years.  She was a teacher for 13 years, while raising her three children.  After battling cancer in 2019, she started to put an emphasis on making unforgettable memories with her family and truly living life.  Out of that passion, Life of Adventure Travel was born.    Life of Adventure Travel is affiliated with Cruise and Tours Unlimited, one of the nation's largest travel companies.  Cruise and Tours Unlimited is a top producer for all major cruise lines, including Carnival Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, Holland America Lines Westours, Inc., Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises, Costa Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Line, as well as lesser known cruise lines. 

You will find unparalleled customer service at Life of Adventure Travel.  Susie will listen to your wants and needs and match you with a perfect cruise.  She is an expert on many of the cruise lines and will help you find the one right for YOU.  In the logo, the pineapple stands for hospitality, which is one of Susie's qualities.  So come on over, grab a cup of coffee, and lets talk about your travel dreams!